SURVIVAL-FALLOUT SHELTER (Don't wait til it's too late!) - $3,997 (Kamloops)

SURVIVAL-FALLOUT SHELTER (Don't wait til it's too late!) 1 thumbnailSURVIVAL-FALLOUT SHELTER (Don't wait til it's too late!) 2 thumbnailSURVIVAL-FALLOUT SHELTER (Don't wait til it's too late!) 3 thumbnailSURVIVAL-FALLOUT SHELTER (Don't wait til it's too late!) 4 thumbnailSURVIVAL-FALLOUT SHELTER (Don't wait til it's too late!) 5 thumbnailSURVIVAL-FALLOUT SHELTER (Don't wait til it's too late!) 6 thumbnailSURVIVAL-FALLOUT SHELTER (Don't wait til it's too late!) 7 thumbnailSURVIVAL-FALLOUT SHELTER (Don't wait til it's too late!) 8 thumbnail
condition: new
size / dimensions: 13' x 8' x 8'
It's time to stop dreaming about that unique Pipe Cabin to put on AirBnb, or that Root Cellar/Wine Cellar that you've been talking about for years. Or more importantly, how about the FALLOUT/EMERGENCY BUNKER/SHELTER that you wish you owned to protect your family when the S.H.T.F. ?

Well now you can have it all, an all-in-one AirBnb Pipe Home with a Root Cellar and/or Wine cellar and a safe/secure emergency/fallout shelter for you and your family to escape the inevitable.


We've never before in our lifetimes lived in such a volatile climate where war can literally break out - ANY MINUTE! (we hope it doesn't, while not gambling and being caught on the wrong side of ready)

Owning a survival shelter seems overwhelming to most people, and also seems unattainable since they can cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is why we are offering 10 of our heavy-duty deep earth concrete pipes at an unprecedented price of only $3997 PER PIPE! (for up to 10 pipes).

Don't think of these as just survival/fallout shelters, think of them as an incredibly versatile/fun way of enhancing your property:
- creating a side income (airbnb) with one or more cool pipe homes / hobbit homes
- keeping your food stored safely
- having a spectacular wine cellar
- creating a creative/relaxation pod with breathtaking vista views or overlooking a creek on your property
- a place for your guests/in-laws to stay when they visit
- AND.......the ultimate benefit of being able to have a BUGOUT PLACE / FALLOUT SHELTER to go to so you can protect your family and those close to you when the S.H.T.F.

For a limited time we are releasing 10 of our Concrete Pipes that are so strong and so secure that they are engineered/rated to be buried 150 feet in the earth. Not that you would ever need to go that deep, but it's nice to know that these things offer you that type of durability and protection. According to research, you only need to have 4 feet of dirt over a bunker to offer adequate protection from radiation.

Some people use shipping containers as bunkers, but I wouldn't be caught dead (literally) underground in one of those. Would you entrust your family's safety to something that has 0.075 inch thick walls and is flat on top? Our heavy duty pipes are 10" thick with heavy duty concrete and reinforced with 1 ton of steel, also because they are rounded on top they help to displace the weight, unlike flat shipping containers. When it comes to the difference of LIVING or not, always err on the side of safety.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY we are making available up to 10 of our heavy-duty concrete pipes for only $3997 EACH (the pipeline company paid almost $20,000 each for these pipes)!!!

As soon as these 10 are sold the price will go back to $9997 for 1 pipe. This is still approx 1/2 of what the pipeline company paid at a wholesale level, so is still an incredible deal for these amazing concrete pipes, but getting them at $3997 is literally unheard of. Needless to say we cannot sustain these price levels, which is why we are limiting it to only 10 pipes. We want to get the word out and hopefully whoever buys the 1st batch of pipes will send us pictures (not a condition of sale).

Crane required for load-out (we can help coordinate if needed)


Some potential uses:

- Wine Cellar (perfect for this)
- Root Cellar (partially underground)
- Air B&B cottages
- Hobbit House
- Nordic Pipe Home
- Scenic pods
- Outdoor office
- Pool house
- the ideas are endless!

The added BONUS is that you will NEVER FEEL SAFER than when you are in one of these concrete pipes.

ALL PIPES ARE CONNECTIBLE so GO CRAZY with your design ideas!

This promo is for unfinished concrete pipes. The attached pics of the finished pipes give you some ideas of what others are doing with concrete pipes.

WEIGHT: Each pipe weighs approx 40,000 lbs

SIZE: Each pipe has an approx inside diameter of 79" and a length of 4 meters


visit www.pipehomes.com

(the pricing on the website does not show this special $3997 offer, but we will honour this price for the 1st 10 pipes!)

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